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Sketchbooks and journals are the street lamps that illuminate the artist’s journey.

~Neil Waldman


I decided a couple days ago to start keeping a sketchbook. ┬áThis is not my first attempt at this, but it will be the one that sticks. I figured I’d show you a few of the things that have come out since I first cracked open the cover.

two-handed drawing

I am still waiting for my street lamp to turn on, but so far it’s been enjoyable.

5 min sketch

I think one of the keys for me is trying new things right now so it doesn’t get boring, and seeing what draws me in.

pen sketch

So far I have done two-handed drawings, short timed drawings, and drawings in ink rather than relying on the safety and erasability of pencils.continuous line

It is after all, about enjoying the journey is it not?