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I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.
~Winston Churchill
The past couple weeks have been filled to the brim with things I haven't enjoyed because it's all been focused on the same thing. Screen printing.

Three projects. One, an open screen project, where we were to throw down random things and apply ink overtop with a screen and no stencil just about gave me an ulcer. That's just not how I roll (or at least I say that but I go with gusto at a canvas with zero plan easily enough). So I carfully planned a zebra print using the idea of resists which was the lesson to be taken from that.
Next was a basic stencil, that's it. I created a two stencil artichoke.
We were to lay it down by eye. Notice my pencil marks? No eyeballing for me. It's not perfect, but it was better than completely random.
Third was to combine the two previous projects. I used my stencil and a layed something down to act as a resist and leave the texture behind.
Even with my complete control issues I liked the fact that each artichoke looked totally different as far as amount of paint and things.
And a bonus since I wanted to try a totally different kind of fabric. This was a sheer and it is my favourite of them all.
While working on it Thursday I had someone mention she didn't understand why I didn't like screen printing when mine was turning out so great. I do like how my fabric's turned out. My stencil was fun. BUT. There's just something about this very much not me. Would I do it again? Why not. What I wouldn't do is create a living or hobby out of it. It didn't speak to me, and I say thankgoodness! I can't like and do it all! I do find it interesting though, that at school people “like” what they believe they are good at. They don't leave much room for growth in other areas at times.


The Lamp Project

There are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.

~James Thurber


One of the first big projects I took on this term for my fibre class was felt making. Our class had such a wide variety of things, needle felted critters, clothing, hats, even a needle felted wall hanging. I stuck to wet felting and chose to make a very gauzy, delicate fabric and turn it into a lamp shade. Glass beads are hand stitched on while edges and spines of the shade are embroidered. The lamp I gave no real thought to liking when I was done now sits on the fireplace in my bedroom and I love it.

While everyone was throwing around ideas for their feling projects I was wracking my brain for something a little less traditional. The memory of my mother making lampshades when I was a kid popped into my head and I took it and ran. My teacher tried to steer me in the direction of figurines, clothes or even an iphone case, items along the lines of the rest of the class members, but those didn't make me even half an ounce eager to get to work.

Sometimes going into thing completely blind is perfect. “How hard could it be?” was one thought I had when thinking about a shade. Well, this was a much more time consuming project than I had ever contemplated. Had I had an inkling of what I would put into it I may have chosen differently, so thankgoodness for being blissfully ignornat (thought even now I would do another).

When turned on it glows softly and has such a great feel to it.
I went into this with nohing more than the desire of a challange to do something less traditional and I eneded up with a huge feeling of accomplishment and love it. It still puts a smile on my face each time I walk past it.




Sketchbooks and journals are the street lamps that illuminate the artist’s journey.

~Neil Waldman


I decided a couple days ago to start keeping a sketchbook. ┬áThis is not my first attempt at this, but it will be the one that sticks. I figured I’d show you a few of the things that have come out since I first cracked open the cover.

two-handed drawing

I am still waiting for my street lamp to turn on, but so far it’s been enjoyable.

5 min sketch

I think one of the keys for me is trying new things right now so it doesn’t get boring, and seeing what draws me in.

pen sketch

So far I have done two-handed drawings, short timed drawings, and drawings in ink rather than relying on the safety and erasability of pencils.continuous line

It is after all, about enjoying the journey is it not?